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Thee Onyx x LR Elana

May 3, 2014 - homozygous black colt (EEaa)

Pedigree of sire Thee Onyx

Pedigree of dam LR Elana




~Sold to Arizona~


A very upright neck on this colt with that "hook" we all covet!  If you like chrome then his four matching socks and the hourglass marking on his beautiful face is the icing on this package.  Othello is a huge, big moving colt with correct body and legs, too.  Head and neck photo above at two months old,  the trotting photo is at 2 and a half months.


This colt is Champion sired by Thee Onyx and out of the Champion producer LR Elana!  Elana is the dam of several of our coveted mares and is under contract as sold when this colt is weaned.  He is the last of this cross so if you want to add a big classy homozygous black colt to your farm this is your chance.  Both of this year's colts are being priced at "bargain basement" prices as we are cutting back on both our herd and our breeding program.


Available for purchase now, ready to go in September 2014...last foal from this cross as the mare has been sold.  Reserve now!

~Sold to Arizona~




June 22, 2014 - black colt

Baali S x LR Breathless

Pedigree of Sire - Baali  S

Pedigree of Dam - LR Breathless


Photos below at one  month of age...July 25, 2014.




Braavo S is the first foal of our young stallion Baali S and we couldn't be more delighted.  This is a wonderfully refined colt marked with just a star, a lovely head and fabulous "look at me" attitude.  His Champion producing mother is the dam of the exceptional colt we just sold, Ovation S.


We are cutting back on our herd and our breeding program so Braavo will be priced to sell...this elegant colt carries Polish, Spanish and Egyptian legends in his blood that point to his promising future as a performance and halter prospect.


Available for purchase now, will be ready to go in October 2014.  Reserve now!



All horses below have been sold



SOLD June 2014

Thee Onyx x LR Breathless

2011 Black colt (EEaa or Eeaa)

Pedigree of Sire - Thee Onyx

Pedigree of Dam - LR Breathless

SCID clear - CA negative


This super exotic three year old stallion is a head hunter's dream!  He has a commanding presence, an abundance of attitude and carries his tail straight up even at the walk.  Ovation thinks very highly of himself and exudes an air of superiority.  Champion sired by our senior black stallion Thee Onyx and out of one of our most extreme headed mares...should be an awesome producer of type when he comes of age.  Here is a stallion you could build a whole breeding program around!


This colt is very spirited yet easy to control...has been clipped, is easy to catch and halter.  


Yearling photo below at 12 months of age - May 2012





Two years old below,  May 2013




>> See more photos of Ovation as a two year old here <<




SOLD to Arizona,  April 2013

Thee Onyx x Midnights Echo

2012 Homozygous Black colt (EEaa)

Pedigree of Sire - Thee Onyx

Pedigree of Dam - Midnights Echo

SCID clear - CA negative


Sired by out multi-Champion stallion Thee Onyx and out of the Champion sired black mare Midnights Echo.  Overture is tall, has an beautiful long neck, pretty face and long hip.  He will be a performance horse and should do well in any of the sport disciplines...English, dressage, Western, SHIH,  trail and even endurance.  We estimate he should easily mature to 15 hands compared to the maturation and growth rate of other  foals we have had.


Overture has been handled using the Clinton Anderson methods.


Overture shown below in April 2013 at 11 months of age...





SOLD to Florida,  December 2012

Midnight Enchantr x MS Catalyna

2003 Homozygous Black mare (EEaa)

Pedigree of sire Midnight Enchantr

Pedigree of dam MS Catalyna


Sired by the 2006 East Coast Champion Halter Stallion Midnight Enchantr and out of a pure Polish daughter of the unparalleled Arabian "Triple Crown" winner MS Santana - unanimous wins at the US Nationals, Canadian Nationals and the Star World Show.


Echo is a substantial mare that exhibits tremendous drive and reach -- making her a wonderful candidate for the Sport Horse classes.  She was started under saddle/green broke and should  be ready for her first trail ride after a 30 day refresher.  Echo is a dream to clip, bathe, catch, deworm, flyspray, etc.  She is a wonderful and tender mother, and is easily live covered.





SOLD to Illinois,  March 2012

Thee Onyx x LR Elana

2011 Homozygous black colt (EEaa)

Pedigree of sire Thee Onyx

Pedigree of dam LR Elana


This colt is a full  brother  to the outstanding filly Olivya - their dam is a producer of Champions and also the dam of several of our precious mares!  He is a big, correct colt with an incredible long level hip, very upright neck. wonderfully laid back shoulder and a pretty face.  Both parents are homozygous black which makes him homozygous too!  Should make a wonderful show, trail or endurance prospect!  Ominous would also make a fancy sport horse for those who want to stand out in competition. 


Photos below at four months of age - September 4, 2011






SOLD to Florida, February 2012

Om El Najeeb Dream x LR Spitten Image

2010 Black colt

Pedigree of sire - Om El Najeeb Dream

Pedigree of dam - LR Spitten Image


The first foal sired by our gorgeous young stallion Om El Najeeb Dream!  Naheeb S is classically beautiful, correct and a sweetheart to work around.  This colt is substantial and is already 15 hands as an early two year old.  A wonderful youth horse prospect with his laid back nature, he is sure to turn heads in the show ring or on the trail!

Yearling photo below...



Photo below as a two year old in 2012...just fabulous!





SOLD to France, December 2009

Thee Onyx x LR Spitten Image

2008 Black  mare (Eeaa)

Pedigree of sire Thee Onyx

Pedigree of dam LR Spitten Image


Vixxen is one of two yearling fillies we are offering by Thee Onyx.  Gorgeous head, her sire's super long neck, fabulous movement and attitude -- the whole package in black!  Sweepstakes, US/Canadian Futurities and Region 15 Futurity enrolled. 


Vixxen is also a half sister to the 2007 Champion black filly  Venuss S  through her dam and her head is already as pretty as her sister's was at this age!

Photos below taken in July 2009 as a yearling.







SOLD to France, December 2009

CN Jericho x Mi Fahlsetto

2004 Heterozygous black Egyptian related mare (Eeaa)

Pedigree of sire CN Jericho

Pedigree of dam Mi Fahlsetto


Successfully shown by her previous owner/breeder, Perogi has just gotten better and better every year.  This mare has an incredible length to her hip, a short back, perfect legs, awesome movement/topline and a very dished faced with a big poppy eye.    Perogi's  sire is a straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa son of Thee Desperado and is double bred Ruminaja  Ali.  Her dam is by none other than Tali Fahl and out of a daughter of multi-National Champion *Asadd.  What a gem! This mare is eligible for the Egyptian Event.


 Photos below taken on September 13, 2009 at 5 years old in pasture condition







SOLD to Poland, February 2009

The Sabbath S x LR Spitten Image

2007 Homozygous Black Filly - EEaa (no agouti)

View Pedigree of dam LR Spitten Image


Venuss below on August 18, 2008 as a yearling.  This gorgeous filly went to her first show and won her class, then went Junior Champion Mare over the two year olds.  She is a sweetheart and loves to show off -- flagging her tail when she moves.


Venuss at Victory Equine Centre International


Venuss struts her stuff


Venuss has lovely tail carriage


Pictures below taken November 8, 2008 at the Victory Equine Centre Open House






SOLD to Poland, February 2009

The Sabbath S x NSA Ameera

2006 Homozygous black mare - no white - EEaa (no agouti)

View Pedigree and Video of dam NSA Ameera


Below is a 2009 photo of Silly at her new home in Poland -- pictured as a three year old mare and looking just stunning!  Thank you for the awesome photo! 



Silhouette pictured below as a two year old in May 2008.  She is now 15 hands.   Silhouette is big, correct, has a tremendous hip and topline -- good enough to Halter but  she will excel in the English or Dressage disciplines. 


Silhouette as a two year old in 2008


Silhouette showing a little attitude



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