Home to some of the most beautiful  black Arabian horses in the World!


Our  multi-Champion  senior  black  stallion Thee Onyx


Sapphire Farms specializes in the Black Arabian Horse and is home of two outstanding black stallions - THEE ONYX and OM EL NAJEEB DREAM.  Check out their individual pages for more information on each stallion.  Come meet our mares, carefully chosen to complement the boys.


Mary Kinsey and Sue Wells are sisters who invite you to enjoy the selection of beautiful Arabian foals we have to offer.   Most are the elusive black color and all are just gorgeous!


We have both halter and performance prospects to offer in the  stunning black coat color --  just let us know what you might be looking for.   Broodmares and bred mares are occasionally available.    Be sure to check out our Sales page -- we may just have your next Champion...


Sapphire Farms is located in south central Pennsylvania.   We will be happy to help you arrange the domestic and international transport for horses purchased from us.


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We are offering each stallion to 5 outside mares in 2015.  Fresh cooled semen available for shipment within the United States.  Overseas inquiries for frozen semen invited.





Two new black colts for 2014...Braavo S will be available for purchase in Spring 2015.



Beautiful  black  Arabian  horses  that  inspire  artists  from  all over  the world!

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